Current Exhibition


Note: We will be taking a summer break July 7 – 18.

Debra Bermigham’s Tales from the Blue Ship Tearoom, will be on view July 20 – August 31. Join us for the artist’s reception on Friday, July 26, from 5:30 – 7pm.
Debra Bermingham is a painter, artist, and vintner/ co-owner of Bloomer Creek Winery in Hector, NY. She is a graduate of The University of Washington, at Seattle and Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. Her work has been shown in many art spaces and galleries, including The Art Institute of Chicago, The Johnson Art Museum at Cornell University, The Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, NY, The Delaware Art Museum in Wilmington, DE. For many years, she has also been affiliated with DC Moore Gallery in NYC. Listen to Debra’s recent radio interview on Tish Perlman’s Out of Bounds here.

A Small Robot, 32″ x 43″, mixed media, 2018
A Small Robot – detail
Philosophy, 29″ x 43″ x 2″, mixed media, 2017
Shipwreck, 27″ x 69″, mixed media, 2017

An excerpt from Debra Bermingham’s artist statement :

My aim in the exhibition – Tales from the Blue Ship Tearoom – is to tell this story of “Time” using a theatrical language of old boards and torn paper in juxtaposition with clock parts; paintings; organ tops – the ephemera of a rural life shaded by memories of sky blue trades.

I lived in a nest that floated at sea. Wind and waves were calm around me.  Swaying at the top of great trees, I clung to tiny branches, my small hands cut and sticky with sap. In an ocean pinewood with damp paths that seemed to stretch for miles, I ran on barefoot adventures. Through my window at night came the sound of laughter and a barking dog, the rhythmic sound of insects. The night breeze gently stirred the shade darkening my room. It sounded like water lapping against the hull of a ship and lulled me to sleep. There were days and kingdoms where I walked in snow up to my waist. Dark hemlocks disappeared in haze above a rushing ravine near a lodge made of logs cut by mountain men.  Inside, a stone hearth held an open fire with huge birch logs ablaze and crackling.  All was a great mystery and adventure, full of song and sky blue trades.