Gallery News:

Ariel Bullion Ecklund, owner/director of Corners Gallery was recently a guest on Tish Pearlman’s Out of Bounds radio program. Listen to the October 2018 interview here.

Artist news :

Minna ResnickĀ  is currently preparing for an upcoming solo exhibition in October 2019 at Atelier Tom Blaess, Bern, Switzerland.

Rosalyn Richards will participate in the Boston Printmakers traveling flat file exhibition to be shown at the Southern Graphics Council in 2019/2020 as well as the Boston Print Fair in 2019.

Masha Ryskin will participate in an exchange portfolio “Environmentality” that will be exhibited at Southern Graphics International in March 2019. She is also preparing for a collaborative site-specific installation with Serge Marchetta at the At Home Gallery in Samorin, Slovakia in May 2019.