Domenica Brockman

Mars Probe, 14″ x 11″, monoprint on paper, 2018

Domenica Brockman is an abstract painter whose work explores geometry, color, and surface.  Her preferred medium is encaustic paint (pigmented wax and resin) on wood panels, often working with the shape of the square, using it alone and in grids, and utilizing a restricted palette and varied textures.  In her grid paintings, the panels are painted and then broken apart and reassembled to create compositions that feel as if they have come about by chance, but are in fact the product of many hours of deliberation. 

Much of Domenica‚Äôs work is influenced by her passion for hand woven textiles from around the world, particularly Kuba grass cloth weavings from the Congo, mud cloth from Mali, and Phulkari embroidered tapestries from India.  The breaks in pattern that come about by happenstance in the making of a handmade repetitive design, the places where there is evidence of a human hand, not a machine, is what inspires her the most, and evidence of a human hand is in her work as well.

Domenica has a BFA from Cornell University, and a Post Baccalaureate degree from the School of Visual Arts.  She resides in Trumansburg, NY.