Past Exhibitions / 2019

Carey Corea, Bicentenary #3, 24″ x 24″, encaustic on panel, 2019. SOLD

PLUS ONE : a gallery artist’s invitational

PLUS ONE features work by gallery artists and their special guest artist! Participating artists include Amy Callahan, Carey Corea, Rachel Dickinson, Suzanne Onodera, Barbara Page, Cuba Ray, Ann Reichlin, Minna Resnick, Rosalyn Richards, Ruth Sproul, Devon Stackonis, and Stan Taft.

On view : Dec. 6 – Jan. 25, 2020

Intricate Universe:  Thea Gregorius / Paula Overbay / Jayoung Yoon
A Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts Alumni Exhibition

On view : Oct. 8 – Nov. 23

This exhibit celebrates the work of three past visiting visual artists from the Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts. The Saltonstall Foundation supports New York York State artists and writers through two key programs held at a colony here in Ithaca, New York. Corners Gallery is honored to continue this partnership. Intricate Universe features highly detailed, painstakingly process-oriented work – using mediums such as acrylic paint, pinpricks on paper, and an 8-foot installation made with woven human hair.

Read Arthur Whitman’s review in the Ithaca Times

Process & Purpose / Printmaker’s Invitational

Minna Resnick, Avoid Meaningless Words, 21″ x 25″ (framed), mixed media, 2016

On view: May 7 – June 22

This exhibition, guest curated by Alan Singer, features the work of today’s contemporary printmakers : Eileen Bushnell, Shane Durgee, Sarah Kinard, Kumi Korf, Craig Mains, Minna Resnick, Nick Ruth, and Alan Singer.

Transparent Memory :

Mathea Millman and Keith Millman, Reenanctors at Gettysburg battle, PA, wet collodion tintypes, 2013-2106

A group exhibit of analog and alternative photographic processes

On view : Feb 12 –  March 30

Charles Cadkin, Steve Carver, Marina Delaney, Leslie Ford, Kathleen Friedrich, Dede Hatch, Justin Hjortshøj, Carol LaBorie, James Malenda, Keith Millman, Mathea Millman, Randi Millman-Brown, Ron Parent, Michelle Rogers-Pritzl, Jon Reis, Taney Roniger, Kadie Salfi, Colin Selleck, Laurie Snyder, Ruth Sproul, and Stefan Zoller.