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Domenica Brockman, Heorot, 24″ x 24″, encaustic on panel, 2020.
Domenica Brockman, Pythagoras, 24″ x 24″, encaustic on panel, 2020.

Domenica Brockman is an abstract painter whose work explores geometry, color, and surface.  Her preferred medium is encaustic paint (pigmented wax and resin) on wood panels, often working with the shape of the square, using it alone and in grids, and utilizing a restricted palette and varied textures.  In her grid paintings, the panels are painted and then broken apart and reassembled to create compositions that feel as if they have come about by chance, but are in fact the product of many hours of deliberation. 

Domenica has a BFA from Cornell University, and a Post Baccalaureate degree from the School of Visual Arts.  She resides in Trumansburg, NY.

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Ileen Kaplan, Dreaming in Red, 24″ x 24″, oil and oil pastel over acrylic, collage, 2020.
Ileen Kaplan, Kiss, 15″ x 30″, acrylic, collage and oil pastel, 2020

Ileen Kaplan is interested in the sensuous aspects of painting. She experiments with combining different mediums, including oil, acrylic, collage, printmaking, and pastels. Ileen’s work is intuitively based on nature, and she often combines multiple layers and textures, ultimately creating work with a feeling of controlled chaos.

Ileen graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Madison where she studied English and Art History. Ileen began painting in 2001, at which time she studied at Elmira College with painter Marc Dennis. Ileen received training from Martin Poole in Corning, NY , and has attended workshops with painters including Thomas Buecher,  Stuart Shils, Catherine Kehoe, Peter Fiore, and Christopher Chippendale.

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